Contact Rate Management System



 CRMS™ is an Ocean Contract Management based software solution providing real time calculable ocean freight pricing;– our objective is to provide online search capabilities to the majority of the ocean contracting industry as  inexpensively and accurately as possible.

 CRMS™ was ESTABLISHED in response to the Ocean Shipping reform Act of 1998 that implemented ocean contract carriage as a prime source for international ocean shipping. CRMS™   has been providing accurate and timely information to the Ocean Shipping community of NVOCC’s for the last decade. CRMS™ prides itself on monitoring carrier tariffs for new and changing surcharges during the most turbulent pricing periods. Over the past ten years (10) CRMS™  has proven to have the highest rated accuracy in the industry with 99.99% and over 2.5 million rates online . The turn around time on contracts and amendments is guaranteed within 24 hours.